Islamic Dua to extend Love In Husband Heart

Dua Wazifa to Make Someone Love You Again Powerful Dua For Husband And Wife problem

Islamic Dua to extend Love In Husband Heart

Islamic Dua to extend Love In Husband Heart

Islamic Dua to extend Love In Husband Heart

In order to make or increase the love between husband and wife, there are many validities or duaas, even these duas are used to remove friction and deviation between the two. Should be a common question; Is there a way to solve problems or friction between husband and wife? Yes, there are certainly many solutions for such friction;

Before finding solutions, you may need to address issues or causes, which causes friction and dilemma between husband and wife? The answer should be “Devil’s aspiration”. To get such power, the devil does not need to leave anything. To save yourself from the devil, you have to follow the supplication given by Allah.

To make or develop love between husband and wife, you have to follow the instructions;

  • Dua “Bismillahir Rahaman-nir Rahim” recite 786 times before going to bed every night;
  • Dua “Suhah_Annisa” Recite 71 times every day;
  • Dua “Rerse-31 of Ali Imran” Recite 3 times every day;

Dua for love between husband and wife kuran

If you want to improve the love between yourself and your spouse, then the Holy Qur’an should be read from time to time in your home. In the hadeeth, the house where the Quran is being pronounced, Allah blesses him in blessings and he sends angels to save the devil. And the house where the Quran is not being pronounced, Satan gets an opportunity to create friction between the family members.

When you wake up, pray every morning; “O Allah, there is peace between our hearts and understanding”. And also say, “Resolve our broken relationship between our hearts and guide us towards peace”, and take us from darkness to the light of truth and guidance.

To increase the affection between husband and wife, tell the following duah 91 times each day;

“Wamin Ayatihi An_khaloqa Iakum-min anfusikum azawajan;
Litaskunoo Ilayhawaja-AAala baynakum ma-wadatan wara-hmatan inna;
Feetalika laayatin liqa-wamin yataf-akkaroona”

Duo to bring pew and wife closer

If the eye cries then the relationship between the husband and his wife’s hands and eyes should be like; The hand should be to wipe your tears. It was written in Bihrul Anwar, so that love between man and his wife can happen. Write the name of “Ashb al-Kaaf” and then the name of your spouse’s name or his father and wear it as “ta-width” on the right hand. Say eleven times “O my God, send blessings to our hearts to build a strong connection between us”.


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