kisi ki Shadi todne ka wazifa

kisi ki Shadi todne ka wazifa

kisi ki Shadi todne ka wazifa

kisi ki Shadi todne ka wazifa When you realize that you are not happy with your spouse then there may be some mistake in choosing a life partner, but once you have tied up with the alliance of marriage, it is not so easy to get rid of it. Unless the consent of the couple is included in it, if your partner is very funny and clever, then in that case, with some malicious intent, he marries you with whom you can get rid of him


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kisi ki Shadi todne ka wazifa

kisi ki Shadi todne ka wazifa

Such steps have to be taken to break the ranks, which will give immediate feedback with some positive results and will have to come up on clever moves. Wazifa is the best way, so if you are looking for someone’s stooping stipend, it will be you Are taking intelligent steps, we are going to provide you with an active-active commitment that will allow you control over that relationship and whatever you decide he can.

Kisi ki Shadi Ko Rokne Ka Totka

Sometimes, we love people who have already married someone else. This is a very strange situation because the probability of losing your boyfriend is very high. Even after doing a lot, you love Dua, it is very painful.
But, if your lover is about to get married then you can still do something about it with the help of the powerful Islamic Kisi ki Shadi ko rokne ka totka. Yes, with the help of the strong Kisi ki Shadi ko rokne ka totka, You can stop the marriage of your boyfriend many times, we love someone, but due to some misunderstanding, they leave us and decide to marry someone else in impulse. If you want to stop your boyfriend, make the right decision and make the right decision.

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A very famous and powerful person in your favor can definitely help you to stop the suspect. The stronghold of a strong man can help you to change the heart of your boyfriend and he will stop himself and will come back to you – “His lost lover.

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kisi ki Shadi todne ka wazifa

kisi ki Shadi todne ka wazifa,amal

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